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Cheat Token Ninja Saga 2011

Tool yang digunakan untuk cheat token ninja saga:
Mozilla firefox 
Cheat Engine

 Open Cheat engine 5.5 
 Go into Ninja Saga 
 Go to Academy and Click on a skill that has “Training Time – Instant” 

 In C.E, Enable Speedhack and set value to “0″ 
 Click the “BUY” 3 times 
 Now click on the skill that you want to learn (a skill that requires Tokens to learn) . 
 Change the Speedhack back to “1″ 
 Now go to the ARENA and Challenge your friends and fight them to save the game 
 Refresh the game and you still have the Token Skill 
 Repeat to acquire all the Token skills you want.

Attention! : Jika Berlaku Sebarang Banned Ke Atas Korang.. Saye tidak AKAN Bertanggungjawab, Thank You!... Tutorial ini, hanya untuk Pembelajaran..

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