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Cheat Ninja Saga Instant Talent Point April

Software yg digunakan...: 
1. Mozilla FireFox 
2. FIDDLER2 > you can download it on the Download Tab in the homepage 
3. NETFRAMEWORK 2.O > must have been installed (u can download at here disini)

Cara Penggunaan : 
Close all of your browser and fiddler empty [ctrl + a then press delete on the autoresponder] 
Open Firefox then Push Ctrl+Shift+Del 
Buka fiddler 
Check settings on "Enable Automatic Responses and Permit Pasthrough"
drag file 
On TaskBar Change Fidller from Disable to Automatic or Force Trafic on Then Open yout 
   Ninja Saga

Download Software:
Download Now

Attention! : Jika Berlaku Sebarang Banned Ke Atas Korang.. Saye tidak AKAN Bertanggungjawab, Thank You!... Tutorial ini, hanya untuk Pembelajaran..

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